EU ILUCIDARE: Focus group and co-creation atelier in Krakow

10-11 June 2019, Kraków, Poland

 International Network for Leveraging Successful Cultural Heritage‑Led Innovations and Diplomacy Through Capacity Building and Awareness Raising 2019–2021

Rynek Główny 25
33-332 Kraków

The focus group is aimed to discuss and fill in the gaps in the ILUCIDARE research team’s knowledge of the heritage-led innovations and heritage diplomacy discovered during the Mapping Phase (March-May). Up to eight heritage professionals and researchers from Central and Eastern Europe are invited to take part in a moderated debate.

The following day, the co-creation atelier will take stock of the discussions held in the focus group, to select and co-design appropriate methodologies for the ILUCIDARE’s main deliverables (Innovation Handbook and Diplomacy Toolbox) providing a systemic framework for heritage-led innovations and diplomacy. The event will involve project’s partners, representatives of its Advisory Board, heritage-led innovation and diplomacy practitioners and researchers.

The atelier will be delivered in an interactive way, with opportunities for networking and a site visit to heritage-led innovation and diplomacy best practices in Krakow.

More information on the event and programme on the International Cultural Centre’s website.